The Future of Fashion is NOW


A day Fashion is Content where Connected Materials bring Smart Products to life.

FUTURE FASHION is a Fashion Tech Incubator & Investment Hub for brands, research institutes, innovators and investors to meet together to capture the White Space Opportunities in fashion. 

We focus on defining & delivering innovative Cross-disciplinary Development Projects in smart connected materials and commercial-scale production, offering Fashion Designers and Brands time-to-market Turnkey Solutions and a Content Delivery Platform to create Intelligent Fashion Products from new smart materials. 

By 2020, connected product in Fashion will penetrate 1-5% of the 3 trillion USD global textiles, apparel and luxury goods market, an opportunity sized around $150 billion USD. 


Future Fashion Smart Material Innovation Lab


Next Mode is our Smart Material Innovation Lab and integration expert hub for our Members
to create New Fashion Concepts and Interactive Experiences for consumers.
It offers designers & fashion brands time-to-market turnkey solutions and a content delivery platform to create intelligent fashion products from connected materials.

  • PICTURE PERFECT - Hue-Changing COLORIC polymers 

  • WEATHER PERFECT - Micro-climate CABRIC fiber 

  • PATTERN PERFECT - Dynamic-Display CUBICS print 

  • SENSE PERFECT - Invisible-sensor CODEC textile

An Ecosystem

FUTURE FASHION is a content delivery platform focusing on Smart Material Innovations.




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