Stockholm innovate the wearable scene with fashion hackathon



To create a new hybrid industry between fashion and technology, and solve a social problem or everyday problem by creating the next generation of wearables. To create concrete prototypes that can continue on to the market.



Swedish Fashion Council, Digitzing Fashion, Silicon Vikings,, Neue Labs, Bontouch


Participants from fashion:

H&M, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Naim Josefi, Lazoschmidl, Reschia, De Moy


Participants from tech:

Bontouch (Digital design/ programming), Future Fashion (Smart materials), Neue Labs (Software), KTH (programming and creative idea).



Start 16-17 of April and the continued development of innovations is still on-going



Things, KTH, Stockholm



6 prototypes consisting of garments, digital technology and smart materials that solves a social challenge or everyday problem.





A connected garment that brings together an artist or an athlete with its audience. A garment that can get feedback and encouragement from the audience before, during or after a performance or appearance, and send a thank you back. The app is called ”The Clap App”. 




Uniforms for the Dedicated:

A suit with printed light under the collar, sleeve or trouser cuff that is invisible during the day but can be folded up in the dark, creating greater safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The concept is called ”Nightlight”. 






Shoes that can guide its user, to lead the way for someone with impaired vision, consisting of smart fabric that regulates temperature, etc.





De Moy:

A beach garment that alert when your child goes into the water, with the help of an ankle strap on the child, an app and a sensor. 






Trousers that are linked to a dating site (ex Tinder and Grindr) and give an electric shock on the butt when someone swipe right and shows interest in you.





Naim Josefi:

A cap that regulates temperature, increases the heat in cold weather and lowers it in warm weather.


Quotes about "The Fashathon" and the development of wearables:

The wearable scene has huge potential and clothing may in the future account for many of the functions that currently operates through mobile phones. However, wearables today are mostly focused on biometric data, which measure physical performance. We want this initiative to bring together fashion designers with digital developers so that they can create innovations with a higher fashion degree and embrace more of everyday features that do not exist on the market today.
— Elin Frendberg, CEO, Swedish Fashion Council
We are excited to explore the future of fashion with these unique brands. It is a great example of how adding a software layer transforms an existing business and fundamentally improves the original customer experience.
— Michael Rotstein, Head of UX at Bontouch
During the Fashathon we saw new cross-disciplinary teams and new business models created, and the secret linkage between fashion design and wearable technologies are actually smart connected materials. With smart textiles that can change colour, temperature, light, the potential of Internet of Fashion is limitless.
— Vanessa Folkesson, co-founder of Smart Material Innovation & Investment Hub